The Fit Green is the most recent fitness phenomenon, changing the way you exercise.

With our combination of cardio and strength training, performed in a fast-moving mini circuit style, you will find yourself doing a variety of bodyweight exercises that are both challenging and rewarding and that will get you super fit fast.

This exciting cross-training approach to fitness will get you moving, seeing results and having more fun than you would ever expect whilst participating in exercise.

The Fit Green is designed to improve your fitness, muscle tone and remove stubborn fat whilst increasing core strength and stability. During our sessions you will be challenged within your own individual limits, thus The Fit Green is suitable for all. However, make no mistake, this exercise class will not be easy.

This energizing, motivating fitness camp is suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and completing each class will come with a satisfying sense of achievement.

The Fit Green is lead by the best instructors in the UK, who bring a variety of different exercises to each class and so every session will be different. Every session will be expertly led and you will receive the personal coaching to make sure you perform the exercises correctly.

The support of the fun and friendly group should not be underestimated! It’s what make The Fit Green different, both in and out of the session, you will receive support and motivation that will fast-track you to achieving your health and fitness goals.

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The Fit Green is the latest fitness phenomenon, changing the way you exercise. Come and join the fun and friendly Fit Green Team